quarta-feira, janeiro 17, 2018

Top of the world... or the box!!!

I'm really trying to celebrate all the small things!! The small moments, the small victories, the small achievements... all those small things that make life big, but that we don't give enough value!!

And for each one of them I fell like I'm on top of the world!!! Or of the box, like in the picture!!!

By the way, this was one of my small achievements this year!! :D

terça-feira, janeiro 16, 2018

segunda-feira, janeiro 15, 2018

Still never too late

A long, long, long time ago, I bought a complete dinner set (plates, plates and more plates... and some other accessories) from Vista Alegre.
Because it was expense, I bought it in small batches and stored all in my mother's house...

And it stayed there.... for probably 20 years!!!! (I'm so happy I bought a very clean and classic model :D:D )

My mother complained about those boxes so many times!!!!
But this year I've decided to make space in my apartment and bring it from my mother's!!!
I can see my parents celebrating behind my back!!!!!

sexta-feira, janeiro 12, 2018

Never too late

I entered 2018 in a dress!!!!
Don't "look" at me like I'm crazy.... I'm sure it is the 1st time in the last 25 years!!!
:) TRUE!!!!

Last week I decided that it's not late to start wearing more skirts:D So I will try to wear a skirt or a dress at least once a week, if I'm in Portugal.

2 weeks in, and I've made it!! But there are so many weeks!!!:D:D
Please remind me!!!! :D:D:D

terça-feira, janeiro 09, 2018


Due to the pneumonia I had back in September, I haven't been travelling for work since then...
I know I will start soon... maybe even next week...

And that thought makes me want to vomit... really!!!
I don't think I can do it anymore, I don't think I have mental strength to endure that life again...:( I started to settle down, find routines, ...

I don't know what to do!!!!!!:(
Can I hide in bed?!

sexta-feira, janeiro 05, 2018

Little pleasures and friendship

I love going out to lunch with one of my friends (let's call the friend PJ :P) but we never find the time to do it. When we do manage to arrange time, we always go (thanks PJ!!!) to very good places!!
And today was no exception!!

We went to Almeja, in Porto... and it was amazing!!!
We had the lunch menu and it was so good, prepared and presented with such care.... I was really amazed.
But what I loved the most? The attention they had with my dessert!!! It had peanuts and I hate peanuts, so I asked if they could be removed. And they did, and the chef re-created the dessert without the peanuts (and peanut butter) specially for me!!! I was truly amazed and thankful!!!
Probably small details, but they made me love the place even more!!!

Pictures of some of the things we had...

So, what an amazing place to celebrate a great friend!!!! ;)

quinta-feira, janeiro 04, 2018

Expense Control

Last year I tried to keep track of my expenses... I've created an excel file where I would register all the income and all the expense I had each day. Those expenses would be grouped in categories so I could easily report on them.
But I stopped mid July.... ;(
Why? Because other problems occupied my mind and I could be bothered...

But now I re-started!!
The excel has been improved, and I'm back on track!!!