segunda-feira, fevereiro 26, 2018

Barbecue monsters!!!

By the end of the Summer, we will be barbecue monsters!!!!

On a whim, we decided to go and buy a gas barbecue for the apartment. A small one from Weber - the Q1200. So cute and small!!! Great for the apartment balcony.

And now, we can't stop using it!!!
Fish, meat, seafood, pizzas... we've been using it a lot!!!!
And it's still winter!:D

So, at the end of the summer we will be barbecue pros!!!! :D:D

quinta-feira, fevereiro 08, 2018

Long year... new year...

Being 41 was easy!
I felt good although the year was difficult and long!!
But now, one day before turning 42, I feel lost... I don't see the path with clarity and that makes me feel unsure of the future. It is not a feeling I like....

But I have to believe this is going to be a good year and that this feeling will pass!!!

quinta-feira, fevereiro 01, 2018

Nike... again!!!

Nike, do you read minds?!
You know me so well!!!! Let's be friends forever!!!!!

But next year, send 50% off!! :D:D Or is that too much to ask?! :D

terça-feira, janeiro 30, 2018


Last year, one of my objectives was to try Pilates (on a proper Pilates studio).
I kept finding excuses... time... studio availability... bla bla bla...

Now, an experimental session has been booked!!!
I'll be trying it on Thursday!!!:)


Why, oh why do you torture me?!?!
Why do you send me emails?!
Why do I read them?!
Please stop!!!! Stop torturing me!!!!

I hate you... Nike!!!!!!!

segunda-feira, janeiro 29, 2018

Food Issues » Week planned!!!

So, I've decided to planned this week's dinners a little better than last week.
I didn't want to start big, with a whole week of food preparation, because I think that would make me feel overwhelmed... so I started small!:)

I have soup!!! So I'm already half ready!!:)
And for today I have food already prepared, it only needs to be warmed up. A very healthy meal!!

Tomorrow is also ready, and it is also a very healthy one!!:)

For Wednesday and Thursday I will try something different... I've ordered 2 vegan meals to try!! :)

So, this week will be good!!! And relaxing (in this area, at least!!!)!!

sexta-feira, janeiro 26, 2018


The week is not over, but almost all of the tabs in my brain have been closed!!!
It was a very long week... with a lot of thing to be done... but I made it to Friday :)
And I was so happy yesterday that I even decided to bake a healthy Banana Bread with Blueberries!:D:D

Now I think I'm going to have an adrenaline crash!! :D:D