sexta-feira, novembro 17, 2017

7:30 Crossfit

Since the beginning of the year that I'm trying to exercise more... and because of that, I started to go the the 7:30 am Crossfit classes...

The 1st ones were a nightmare... it was winter, it was cold, it was dark, I wanted to sleep... :( But I went! Only 3 or 4 in that class, but we trained hard!!
And I felt good during the day!:) So, I kept on going... and if I'm in Portugal, during the week is my preferred time!!!

Now, I'm still going... and some days I almost have to bribe myself to get out of bed, but I go!!! We are more now... sometimes 8 or 9...

And why do I like it:
- because I start the day feeling like I already achieved something
- because we are a small group, and we have better monitored classes
- because the day starts with laughs and sweats (and pains)
- because it makes me feel better, healthier and lighter during the day/week
- and (as some commercial) because I'm worth it!!! :D

quinta-feira, novembro 16, 2017

Christmas and Trello

I've already talked here about Trello... I still use it!!! I still love it!!!
And know, I'm using it to organize Christmas gifts!!!:)
Really.... I don't know how I lived without it for so long!!!
I can easily see what I need to buy and to whom, the same for gifts I'll be made, gifts already purchased/made... and ideas, information, etc...

This is how I use it, but I'm sure there are other ways... but this one works really well for me!!!

quarta-feira, novembro 15, 2017

terça-feira, novembro 14, 2017

My vet

Sometimes we take what we have for granted... and don't appreciate the value of what we have!
One of those things is my vet... or my cat's vet (actual, a veterinarian clinic)!!

I'll tell you a story!!!
Last Saturday I took a very young cat to one of my cousins house.... she is a 2 months old baby, very small. On Sunday, she was very quiet, and hasn't eaten since being there.
Sunday around dinner time, we were all worried (cause she was really quiet and is so small) and she called a vet. And he acted a little annoyed and told us to give her tuna and wait until the end of the next day :(
But she is so small... and another day without eating would be terrible:( So I've decided to call my vet and they said immediately "Bring her in and will have a look!"
We arrived at 10pm on a Sunday and had a doctor and a nurse.... she had a wound blocking the nose, stopping her from breathing correctly and smelling and was very dehydrated... so she stayed there.

At 2am, they send some photos letting us know that she was already eating a little bit... they called in the morning to give an updated.
I visited yesterday evening and talked to the doctor again. And today, woke up with another overnight photo and another call with updates!

I know she is being very well treated and is on the best place she could be!!! And I'm very grateful for them and their work and their love for our pets!!!!

3 and a half months, in summary....

Ok... so I've been out for the last 4 months (+/-)... and I'll just do a summary:
- Went on vacation to Azores.... visited S.Miguel, Faial and Pico. LOVED IT!!!! Loved it so much that I'm already thinking of going back!!! Same islands, different islands.... Just need to go back!!! :)

- Caught pneumonia... so September/beginning of October were really complicated... my immune system is not great, my stress levels have been through the roof... so it wasn't a great time and I fear a very complicated winter :( I'm taking some precautions, but I can't prevent everything or be 100% sure nothing will happen...

- Work wise I'll just say that these have been very, very difficult months... my stress level has been very high (and that affects my life a lot)... I'm very tired, disappointed, depressed,... better days will come, I hope!!

And this is a very quick and really summarized summary (!!!)...

quarta-feira, julho 26, 2017

Punching Bag

I need one.... bad!!!!
But I don't know if with the range and frustration I'm feeling, it will be intact by the end of the day!!!

quarta-feira, julho 19, 2017

Day 100

100 days of intermittent fasting!!!

I won't explain what intermittent fasting is and all its benefits - the internet is full of articles and information (I recommend this one).
Please read about it before judging, commenting, etc... people tend to do that...

What I will tell you is that I was the person that would get up just because I was hungry in the morning... And when I started I honestly thought I was gonna last 5 days :D
Well, I lasted 100 so far :)
I feel a lot more energy in the morning, I lost a lot of volume (I always felt bloated around the ankles and knees), I train better (if I train in the morning I normally eat a banana before), and I lost 5 kg. I'll be doing blood tests in the next couple of weeks as well.
And I do not follow a strict rule during the "eating period"... I try to eat well, but I also love food... so the weekend dinners are full of bread, cheese, wine/beer, ...
I feel very happy with the changes in mood, in my body,... I will continue!!! :)