sexta-feira, outubro 28, 2016

Shower time

I'm very very lazy when it come to take care of my skin... specially the body.
I forget to hydrate every day... don't have time... don't like to feel sticky.... forget.... excuses, excuses....

After reading a post from Jessica Athayde I've decided to try 2 products from Eucerin. Both to use in the shower.
So I started to use a shower gel and in-shower body lotion, both from their sensitive skin segment!! I like them both but I'm in love with the body lotion!!
The shower gel is very expensive and I don't notice a lot of improvements on its own. But the lotion is worth every euro, in my opinion.
I've tried other in-shower lotions before, but always ended up feeling like it didn't do anything... with this one I leave the shower with smooth skin, that stays hydrated during the day!
If you're interested, all the details on these products can be found on their website.

I really really love the lotion!!! It is expensive, though! I need to find promotions and discounts!! :D

(photos from Eurecin)

PS - This is my personal evaluation of this products... both bought by me and without any endorsement or support. I'm not a beauty or fashion blogger! :D

quinta-feira, outubro 27, 2016

Camel vs Grey

I need a winter coat!!!
But i don't know if I should by a Camel or a Grey one....
I really want both..... but it's too much....
Decisions... decisions....

(photos from Pinterest)

segunda-feira, outubro 24, 2016


Halloween is an imported tradition... It's becoming more and more popular here in Portugal. And now the schools are "celebrating" it, so all the kids are aware of it and want to go "Trick or Treat"!

Last year, the kids from my building went out but most of the people (me included!) weren't prepared!
This year, the parents decided to give was warning! THANK YOU! :)
We had a sign letting us know that kids (and adults) would be out and when!
This way I can be prepared!! :)

Should I decorate the front door?! :D:D

sexta-feira, outubro 21, 2016


Every Christmas I sign in for this initiative as my little help to make Christmas better for a child.
This year is no exception...

Can you also do a little bit? If you can, sign in here!!!

segunda-feira, outubro 17, 2016


When I turned 40 I had one objective (well, I had more, but only one regarding running!): to run a 10k competition. And I targeted one in December - S. Silvestre Run in Porto!

But I thought about this objective in December and my birthday wasn't until February!

What happened?
- In January I enlisted my self in very flat 10k race - and I made it!!! Very difficult, after a very heavy training session the day before.... But I made it to the finish line. Only to find out that the race only had 9k and not 10k!! Ok, not my objective.... but almost there!!!
- March had another one.... and I enlisted myself with a bunch of coworkers.... This one had 10k (even more by my Nike+, but ok), and managed to do a little less than on the 9k!! I thanked my friends for encouraging me...otherwise I would've stopped at km 5. :D
- In June I joined a night run... loved it!!! But again, had company that encouraged me all the way. Again, 2 mins less than in March!! ;D
- In October (well, yesterday) I've decided to run 10k in my hometown... My physiotherapist told me not to do it, but I ignored him (I know I'm gonna pay for this) and went. Alone... I pushed through until km 8... then the pain started, but I wouldn't give up at that point... I kept going and I MADE IT! :) In less time (*) than in June!!

So, S. Silvestre is only in December, but I've already accomplished my goal... more than once!!!
I'm so proud of myself!!! :D:D

(*) Don't get excited, my time is still around 1h! :P

terça-feira, outubro 11, 2016

CTT.... part 2

Oh well... what have I learned from the previous visit to the post office (akak CTT)?
Apparently, NOTHING!!!!

The good thing: the package sent to the USA was returned.... god knows why because I'm sure the address was correct.
The bad thing: I have to go to the CTT to get it back!

As any good place in Portugal, it is only opened during the normal office hours 9 - 18, with lunch break, off course!! This means you'll have to take time from your job to go there!
So I got there at 8:55... and already had 20 people ahead of me....
Waited for 45 mins and only 9 people were called!!!
The office has 5 employees, but only 2 were calling people....
I'd be there at least 1h and 30mins.... it is not acceptable!!!!

The worst service ever!!!!!!!!