terça-feira, outubro 11, 2016

CTT.... part 2

Oh well... what have I learned from the previous visit to the post office (akak CTT)?
Apparently, NOTHING!!!!

The good thing: the package sent to the USA was returned.... god knows why because I'm sure the address was correct.
The bad thing: I have to go to the CTT to get it back!

As any good place in Portugal, it is only opened during the normal office hours 9 - 18, with lunch break, off course!! This means you'll have to take time from your job to go there!
So I got there at 8:55... and already had 20 people ahead of me....
Waited for 45 mins and only 9 people were called!!!
The office has 5 employees, but only 2 were calling people....
I'd be there at least 1h and 30mins.... it is not acceptable!!!!

The worst service ever!!!!!!!!

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