sexta-feira, outubro 28, 2016

Shower time

I'm very very lazy when it come to take care of my skin... specially the body.
I forget to hydrate every day... don't have time... don't like to feel sticky.... forget.... excuses, excuses....

After reading a post from Jessica Athayde I've decided to try 2 products from Eucerin. Both to use in the shower.
So I started to use a shower gel and in-shower body lotion, both from their sensitive skin segment!! I like them both but I'm in love with the body lotion!!
The shower gel is very expensive and I don't notice a lot of improvements on its own. But the lotion is worth every euro, in my opinion.
I've tried other in-shower lotions before, but always ended up feeling like it didn't do anything... with this one I leave the shower with smooth skin, that stays hydrated during the day!
If you're interested, all the details on these products can be found on their website.

I really really love the lotion!!! It is expensive, though! I need to find promotions and discounts!! :D

(photos from Eurecin)

PS - This is my personal evaluation of this products... both bought by me and without any endorsement or support. I'm not a beauty or fashion blogger! :D

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