segunda-feira, outubro 17, 2016


When I turned 40 I had one objective (well, I had more, but only one regarding running!): to run a 10k competition. And I targeted one in December - S. Silvestre Run in Porto!

But I thought about this objective in December and my birthday wasn't until February!

What happened?
- In January I enlisted my self in very flat 10k race - and I made it!!! Very difficult, after a very heavy training session the day before.... But I made it to the finish line. Only to find out that the race only had 9k and not 10k!! Ok, not my objective.... but almost there!!!
- March had another one.... and I enlisted myself with a bunch of coworkers.... This one had 10k (even more by my Nike+, but ok), and managed to do a little less than on the 9k!! I thanked my friends for encouraging me...otherwise I would've stopped at km 5. :D
- In June I joined a night run... loved it!!! But again, had company that encouraged me all the way. Again, 2 mins less than in March!! ;D
- In October (well, yesterday) I've decided to run 10k in my hometown... My physiotherapist told me not to do it, but I ignored him (I know I'm gonna pay for this) and went. Alone... I pushed through until km 8... then the pain started, but I wouldn't give up at that point... I kept going and I MADE IT! :) In less time (*) than in June!!

So, S. Silvestre is only in December, but I've already accomplished my goal... more than once!!!
I'm so proud of myself!!! :D:D

(*) Don't get excited, my time is still around 1h! :P

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Gorduchita disse...

Boa! Muito bem! :)

Lara disse...

:* Brigada!!!
Vens à S.Silvestre?!? :D Anda!!!!!!!!!!!