quarta-feira, julho 26, 2017

Punching Bag

I need one.... bad!!!!
But I don't know if with the range and frustration I'm feeling, it will be intact by the end of the day!!!

quarta-feira, julho 19, 2017

Day 100

100 days of intermittent fasting!!!

I won't explain what intermittent fasting is and all its benefits - the internet is full of articles and information (I recommend this one).
Please read about it before judging, commenting, etc... people tend to do that...

What I will tell you is that I was the person that would get up just because I was hungry in the morning... And when I started I honestly thought I was gonna last 5 days :D
Well, I lasted 100 so far :)
I feel a lot more energy in the morning, I lost a lot of volume (I always felt bloated around the ankles and knees), I train better (if I train in the morning I normally eat a banana before), and I lost 5 kg. I'll be doing blood tests in the next couple of weeks as well.
And I do not follow a strict rule during the "eating period"... I try to eat well, but I also love food... so the weekend dinners are full of bread, cheese, wine/beer, ...
I feel very happy with the changes in mood, in my body,... I will continue!!! :)

terça-feira, julho 11, 2017


Last week, one of my team mates had a breakdown... work and work related stress caused him to have a meltdown. Now he is off... recovering...

And I'm struggling really hard not to get to the same point...