quarta-feira, junho 21, 2017

Sad days

Last week we were doing a ride on the longest portuguese road N2... from Chaves to Faro...
Along the way, the passed through some amazing places.... some of them are now on fire :(, like Pedrogão Grande and Góis... :(
It is very sad all that is happening to these places and to the people that lives there :( I have no words...

(Góis... last week...)

terça-feira, junho 13, 2017

Me and Adidas.... a weird relation... (Update)

From time to time and decide to go and check Adidas website!!
Mistake!!!! Big mistake!!!
I always end up in love with some shoes....

This time, my 2 favorites are the Superstar and the LA Trainer OG....
Really.... why do I torture myself?! Why?!

Update: Oh well... I just bought the LA Trainer OG :D

terça-feira, fevereiro 28, 2017


Do they really pay a team to make them look like this?!

(photos from google)

PS - I know me and Alicia Vikander are not "friends".... but she could do so much better!!

terça-feira, fevereiro 14, 2017


OMG.... I found Trello!!!

And now you ask: what is Trello?
Well, Trello is a collaboration tool, that organizes projects into boards.

And then you can ask me: why do you needed? how do you use it?
I use it for everything.... and I mean everything....
I'm even trying to use it at work, with my team!!

At this moment I have boards with personal tasklists, boards to plan vacations, to help us search for a new apartment, even one to plan my blog posts!!!!
I can share ideas with Piquinote (or friends) and they can add comments, their own ideas,... I can create tasks and assign them... and track their evolution...

I really find it very easy to use and very helpful!!!
So, my challenge to you is... go find Trello here, watch some Youtube videos related to this and them let me know your thoughts!

segunda-feira, fevereiro 06, 2017

Almost there....

In 3 days, I'll be 41!!!
Really... I can't even imagine that, but it's true!!! 41!!!
And I feel (in most aspects) much better at 41 then I did at 40, 35 and definitely 30!!!

segunda-feira, janeiro 23, 2017


I need new crossfit shoes... And I was waiting to find the Reebok Nano 6.0 at a reduced price... But then both Reebok and Nike decided to change my plans!!!
They bot launched new models... Reebok Nano 7.0 and Nike Metcon 3.

And now I don't know which ones to choose... 
I've read reviews on both... and they are very similar....

Any thoughts?

quinta-feira, janeiro 12, 2017

Tooth Brush

I always, always left my tooth brush on the hotels bathrooms... For me, that was never a problem...
I'd put it on a glass, and leave it there during the day.

But one day somebody said "Can you imagine what the hotel maid can do with your tooth brush while cleaning the room?"
And that was the last day I left it unattended....

Now, I always put it away before leaving the room.... always!!!!!!!

Do you think I'm weird?!?